Why Does a Man Get Nervous Around a Girl He Likes? Learn What Really Triggers This Response

When a man likes a woman, he usually wants to impress her! He wants to strut around showing her that he is the best guy around and she would do well to choose him over the others! On the other hand, a guy could also get pretty nervous or shy around the woman he likes. These are the reasons why!

He suddenly feels intimidated by her looks

He has watched her from afar and has fallen madly in love with her – but from afar! He has not really had the opportunity to go up to her and make friends. He is stunned by her beauty and to him she is the perfect and ideal girl! All this adds to his insecurity and he feels too intimidated by her looks. This is why he gets nervous around her.

He thinks that he does not have what it takes

If he thinks that she is the ultimate as far as females go, he should also feel confident enough of attracting her! The fact that he actually lacks the confidence and assurance that he is a good match for her, makes him wonder if she will even glance at him leave alone get attracted to him.

He is afraid she might look right through him

Even though he is crazy about her, the fact that deep down he is afraid that he might be rejected by her makes him very nervous. He cannot find the courage to go up to her and talk to her. He has to first build his self confidence and get rid of the fear of rejection before he can approach her.

He wants to pass with flying colors

He hates the thought of being rejected or being a failure where she is concerned. If his friends know that he has a huge crush on her, it would make him feel a real loser if she did not return the interest! Hence, he is extremely nervous about making any sort of move until he knows that he will pass with flying colors!

He does not want to do the wrong thing

Too many men have failed just because they have been a bit too confident and have lacked the discernment to know when to approach a girl. He does not want to make the same mistake and do something that makes him a complete failure where she is concerned. This is why he is nervous and rather waits till he is sure of doing the right thing.

Too many guys have tried and lost

The reason why he is afraid and nervous around her could be because she is extremely popular and too many guys have already tried their luck and lost! He does not want to join the gang and therefore is biding his time till lady luck smiles on him and makes him a winner.

He is scared of showing his feelings

If he is unsure of her reaction to his interest and is afraid that if he reveals his interest too soon it might put her off, he will be nervous and on pins as to how to go about it! The fear of looking a fool or a loser will make him hesitate and take his time!

Source by Krista Hiles

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