Why You Are Likely to Fail at the Success University Business

The Success University Business offers a good product: Self development books and material. The problem is it doesn’t matter how good the product is it is the method that you use to market the product that matters.

The harsh reality is 97% of people in MLM will fail. Why so high? Because it requires a completely different mind set than most have been taught all their life. The biggest hurdle is accepting rejection. Lets look at some of the classic methods that are taught:

Warm List: You are tasked with making a list of all your friends, family and close contacts. The understanding is that these people will make life easy for you and buy from you with no hassle. Assuming you have tried this method already would you agree that is a challenge? The big surprise for me was when my own dad wasn’t willing to try my product from my primary business.

Three Foot Rule: This method requires some real courage for the un-initiated. You have to approach anyone that comes within three feet of you. Basically speak to anyone that come into contact with you. On paper this sounds easy, but most people are very uncomfortable with approaching strangers in the street.

Business Cards/Leaflets: Basically advertising your business in more of a conventional way. While this is more comfortable for most people the problem is the cost and effort. To get any real responses you need to be consistent and put out a large volume of cards/leaflets. The expected response rate is about 1% so you need to really be doing thousands a month to stand a chance of any good results.

Lets look at an example. If you delivered 1,000 leaflets and you were lucky to get 1% response that would mean 10 calls. Out of those 10 calls you may get 3 appointments. And out of those appointments maybe 1 customer. That is quite a lot of leaflets and effort for one customer!

Buying Leads: Most people in the Success University business will probably try this at some time. You basically buy a list of names and numbers. They are expected to be interested in your business and hot prospects. The problem with these leads is they are not targeted and expensive. The prospects do not know who you are and what your business is about. From experience they are either wrong numbers, not interested or generally rude.

What Does Work?: The most productive way to do this is to market yourself. Position yourself as a leader and provide free helpful information to your prospects rather than jumping on them about your business.

If people like what you are giving to them they will feel naturally attracted to you and contact you. At this point you are the advisor rather than the seller. In this position is where you will find the successful network marketers and a true method to have a winning Success University business.

Source by Wayne Vassell

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