Will The HasLab Rancor Be Successful Or Will It Fail? Place Your Bets!

We are entering the finishing straight for the HasLab Rancor! In roughly 24 hours the campaign will end – unless Hasbro announce an extension of the deadline today. The Rancor currently has 5,605 backers, about 62% of the required funding. At this point in time all the other successful HasLabs had already been funded and had experienced a massive boost. The Rancor has only added 120-200 backers each day ever since Malakili was added to the offering, not even 900 backers in total.
So what will it be? Yay or nay? What do you think? Place your bet and feel free to share any other musings you have in the comments! This will be the go to HasLab Rancor discussion thread for the final day of the campaign!

He needs love

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