Will Virgin Media’s Stream save you money?

Virgin Media unveiled their Stream player, with one of its perks being you could save money on some of your favourite streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney Plus. 

For background, the Stream is a box that plugs into your TV, bringing voice-activation smarts with an interface comprised of the channels and streaming services you want to use. 

One of the most alluring aspects of Stream is the 10% rebate you can claim on any streaming plan through your Virgin Media account. This 10% – called Stream Credit – can then be applied to your next month of subscriptions, allowing you to continuously save money based on however much you spent in the prior month. 

However, one of the conditions of Stream is that you need to be a Virgin Media broadband customer to get your hands on the streaming box. 

This got me wondering: Will the Stream box actually save you money on your streaming app subscriptions if you’re not already a Virgin Media customer? Or, will the cost of your new broadband plan cancel out any money you do save?

As with any broadband provider, Virgin Media’s packages vary depending on what speeds you’re looking at. 

The most affordable contract starts at £25 a month, but if you’re looking at ultrafast broadband – which Virgin Media says Stream is powered by – you’ll need to spend at least £37 a month on the company’s M350 fibre plan. 

There’s also the option of Virgin Media’s blazingly fast Gig1 fibre broadband at £62 a month, with a handful of packages in between the M350 and this. 

These prices aren’t including the £35 set-up fee for the box and the one-off £35 activation charge for the Stream, meaning you’re also need to spend £70 upon arrival. 

This isn’t to say the Stream won’t save you money – if you’re already a Virgin Media customer with subscriptions to Netflix, Disney Plus, BT Sport or any of the other services Stream Credit can be applied to, Stream feels like a no brainer. 

Likewise, if you want a voice operation, the Stream is marketed as an easy way to upgrade your current set without splashing out on a brand new display. 

There are also perks to consider about Virgin’s broadband offerings – Gig1 has the fastest speeds you’ll find in the UK. 

However, if you’re happy with your current broadband plan, it’s worth comparing its prices with Virgin Media’s packages before abandoning it in the hopes of saving a bit of cash on your streaming subscriptions with Stream. It could be that you end up spending even more in the long run.

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