YMTC Announces Xtacking 3.0 for Faster, Denser 3D TLC NAND

China-based Yangtze Memory Technologies (YMTC) has announced the latest iteration of its Xtacking NAND technology (now in its third generation), ushering in a new era of speed, density, and improved power efficiency. According to the company, its latest NAND chips (X3-9070) improve performance by 50% over previous designs (based on its 128-layer Xtacking 2.0 tech), while doubling density to 1TB per chip. Paired with a 25% reduction in power consumption despite the improved speed, it seems that Apple might find even more reasons to adopt the company’s tech.

“The advent of YMTC’s self-developed Silicon Stack 3.0 architecture is an important breakthrough in the 3D NAND track,” said Gregory Wong, founder and chief analyst of Forward Insights. “It has been proven that the hybrid bonding of storage arrays and peripheral logic circuits is essential to drive the development and innovation of 3D NAND technology.”

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