“Z’Bo” by Compton III

PRESS: “Z’Bo is the latest art toy from Compton’s featured series including his debut original art toy titled, SPY BOY. On Saturday, July 30, 2022, Axiom Art Gallery (4613 Freret St. New Orleans) will host the official release of the original art toy, Z’Bo, by Compton III in New Orleans, Louisiana. A limited quantity of signed pieces will be available for sale in person at the release event. To purchase before or after please visit the website or directly contact Compton III.”

Sized 12 inches tall, the resin-made Z’Bo is priced at US$1,200.00, with quantity indicated as “Until the molds breaks”. Seek availability via spacebroccoli.com / Updates via IG @compton.iii

(Featured photos by Ashley Lorraine)

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